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Mesut Özil


The Real Madrid and German national team player was able to learn the Spanish language with the method and address himself better to his Spanish fans and therefore integrate himself better into the team. Only a few weeks of working with the method already made him feel confident in the application of the foreign language.

Here are his own words: 

''I can finally understand and speak Spanish and I'm improving every day.
I really like this method because we were learning in different ways. Before I started your course I would often give up because I just couldn't be interested in the normal teaching methods. But sinde I've been learning with your approach it's been a lot of fun and I have a great deal of interest in learning more. 
My friends and family have noticed that my Spanish has improved and I can also talk to my team colleagues now. 
I can fully recommend this very special way of learning. 
It's a lot of fun and you learn a lot. 
Thank you!"

That's how REAL MADRID football players speak Spanish after a few weeks with our method!