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With the our unique 3PHASE Superlearning method you could learn and remember up to 750 words within one week.

The Superlearning system greatly enhances learning and long-term memory and offers the ability to rapidly accelerate the learning process for children and adults alike.

Based on decades of scientific research and real-world application, 'Superlearning' assures optimal learning, understanding and recall.

The 3PHASE Superlearning techniques activate and focus on both hemispheres of the brain. This opens up vast potential to optimally learn and remember. It also helps to restore fun in the learning process. The key here is quality, not quantity! 

You will learn much more in less time, and locking the learning into your long-term memory.

With the 3PHASE Superlearning method you will be able to learn, refresh and perfect hundreds of words within only a few days!
It will be stress free and combine learning with fun and entertainment.
We garantee you an optimal learning result within a very short time! 


The use of Superlearning increases the learning potential of the student and gives them the possibility to secure the learned content directly into their long time memory. With our teaching method the learning process is accelerated and it works equally well for children as for adults.

Our unique teaching method has decades of scientific research and experience behind it and it guarantees the student optimum learning, understanding and easy recall of the acquired knowledge learned on the course.

The 3PHASE SUPERLEARNING technique activates and stimulates both hemispheres of the brain, opening up the immense learning potential and enhances the ability to remember the already learnt content quickly and with lasting effect. A very important component of our special teaching method is ensuring students have fun while learning their new language.

Our key to success is not QUANTITY but QUALITY. Learn much more in less time and store the acquired knowledge in the long time memory. That’s the aim of effective and long-lasting learning!


  • Individual training and one-on-one coaching

  • Seminars for businesses and companies

  • Customised training at your residence

Most of our language courses are one-to-one tuition since we have learned from our experience that more information is retained during individual training or in very small groups rather than in a traditional school environment or in larger learning groups.
In our seminars we pay special attention not to mix different language levels and only combine participants of the same native language in the same course. Only that way we can guarantee that your learning objectives are met and we can maintain our high-quality standards!

Please email us your inquiry and we will explain more to you about our unique teaching methods and the procedures of our language courses.