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Superlearning with hypnosis

Do you also dream of an excellent technique in whatever you are trying to learn without the need of any other training methods to unfold an effect?

Then we welcome you to the world of hypnosis.

Hypnosis is perhaps the oldest and best known mental technique. It activates the immense power of the subconscious. Hypnosis is a unique state of consciousness / trance in which the brain is able to work more holistically than in the state of being awake. It enables enhanced concentration on one specific area.

Nevertheless, hypnosis doesn’t consist of a single state. It consists of different techniques or stages of trance and trance intensities. To go into trance, to stay in it and to come out again is a voluntary state. The will of a person to do or to leave something continues its existence in trance.

Resistance often appears within learning, which prevents the achievement of an optimum result. In spite of the will to learn a language, internal learning blockades can destructively influence the process of learning. Often, the knowledge cannot be recalled in situations where it is needed.

Superlearning with hypnosis can be of great help for the learning and application of a new language. It requires no other training and can be easily integrated into existing learning techniques and learning methods.

Superlearning with hypnosis appeals to all areas of learning:

–   learning motivation

–   improvement in retention

–   increasing speed of learning

–   activation of learning abilities due to stimulating techniques

–   treatment and solution to different learning blockades

–   reliable recall and access of knowledge

–   confidence in exam situations

–   effectiveness in the assimilation of learning contents

–   storage of the learning content in the long time memory

–   learning with ease and fun

The hypnotic practice in Superlearning is subdivided into 3 phases:

I. Phase - Preliminary Talk: In the preliminary talk the exact process of the hypnosis is explained. We talk about all individual factors which are essential for a successful realisation of Superlearning Hypnosis.

II. Phase - Hypnosis: it is divided into 4 areas merging into each other. Induction - blockade solving - Superlearning - relaxing journey.

III. Phase - Debriefing: We analyse the experience together and clarify any possible questions.

The Superlearning hypnosis is not just a temporary solution, it has a long-lasting effect. Therefore you can also use this technique for other areas in your life in addition to the successful learning of a new language. Allow yourself to learn a new language in an amusing and entertaining way with the help of your subconscious.

The hypnosis will be carried out by a professionally qualified hypnosis coach.