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Have you been struggling too often with learning exercises which seemed tedious and ineffective to you? 
Does the learning of words and grammar cause you big difficulties and are you having a hard time to retain what you have studied? 
Is it difficult for you to concentrate while learning? 
We would like to introduce you to a learning method which provides you with a completely new and unconventional way of learning. 
Learn comfortably, efficiently and with long lasting effect with our 'Superlearning' method.

'Superlearning' is a modern learning method with a holistic approach which has proved to be very successful in foreign language learning.

This method activates both the logical/rational thinking and creative sides of the brain. Harmony is also achieved between body and mind.
The aim of 'Superlearning' is to tap the full potential of our mental capacity, to increase learning, achievement motivation and to relax the body in spite of an increased learning effort.

Professor Lozanov developed 'Suggestopedia', also known as 'Superlearning'. He observed how Yoga teachers were able to learn their holy writings in a very short time with meditative music, and  later, how easy it was for them to pass on this information to their students.

'Superlearning' takes into account the biological construction and function of the brain. Therefore 'Superlearning' activates a large part of your mental potential.


  • Individual training and one-on-one coaching

  • Seminars for businesses and companies

  • Customised training at your residence

Most of our language courses are one-to-one tuition since we have learned from our experience that more information is retained during individual training or in very small groups rather than in a traditional school environment or in larger learning groups.
In our seminars we pay special attention not to mix different language levels and only combine participants of the same native language in the same course. Only that way we can guarantee that your learning objectives are met and we can maintain our high-quality standards!

Please email us your inquiry and we will explain more to you about our unique teaching methods and the procedures of our language courses.